Can create anything you can think of from aluminum

We can make any metal structure based on your ideas. We are not apposed to typical orders, but at the same time we like to accept challenges in the form of non-standard constructions. In addition to aluminum, we also work with iron, stainless steel, glass and wood.

What we do

When beautiful, practical or necessary things are to be created from metal, you are best to talk to us. We have been working with our experienced, qualified and passionate team for many years and the team is ready to tackle large or small projects from large or small clients.

Our work is always related to professional and skilful metal processing. We supplement its features, lightness and strength with our demand for quality, that’s what we call thoroughness.

Aluminum, steel and also glass as an accessory are our basic elements to create functional architectural accessories. Gates, railings, balconies, garden elements, attractive facades, leeward, gazebos, staircases, theatre stages and endless other products.

We can make these according to our customers’ plans or based on our own ideas. However, quality and realistic pricing is always on our minds.

Aluminum and steel are classic but also very modern, malleable materials. Products made from these materials are attractive, durable, timeless and have a very long life. To top it off, if they are from our factory they are also full of tenderness and joy from perfect craftsmanship.

Our goal is modern design, product functionality and the satisfaction of our customers.

lightness  /  strength  /  thoroughness

Our projects



All our jobs are made with maximum precision and attention to detail. Even the smallest order is important to us and we devote ourselves to it with maximum effort.

Design production

We place importance on the design and originality of our products. We want to keep the world of metal constructions moving forward and create new and original constructions.

Custom production

Every order is dealt with individually, so there is no need to choose from set sizes and designs. We can provide any metal structure based on your needs and ideas.

Personal approach

Our priority is a satisfied customer, which is why we emphasise an individual approach and personal dealings. We are happy to discuss and think everything through with you so your ideas can be turned into reality.

Superior warranty

We give a guarantee of up to 5 years on all our constructions. The quality of our products is very important to us.

All inclusive services

We provide the complete service from an initial non-biding consultation, through graphic design, transport, dismantling and disposal of the old structure to the final assembly of your new product.

About Us

We are a dynamic company specialising in work mainly with aluminum. Why aluminum? Because it is light, maintenance-free and it has a long service life. It is easy to work with and allows us to create beautiful clean details without the risk of corrosion.

We also work with iron, stainless steel, glass and wood which allows us to create anything you may need or want, be it a gate, fence, railing, pergola or any other atypical product according to your wishes.

We operate throughout the Czech Republic and now also in Slovakia and Germany.